The Essential Survival Backpack – Your Personal Survival Kit

Camping_Equipment_Online_Malaysia-3187After all the tragedies and catastrophes that the world has seen, it is quite a wonder why there are people who still would not trust the power of a survival backpack to save them. Most of them are skeptics because they could not see the logic behind this backpack. What they are not aware of is the fact that this backpack can save their lives. The contents of the backpack, believe it or not, will help them survive. The things inside the survival backpack are its very essence. Of course, you will not put anything in it that are not necessary.

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Nowadays, the internet provides per-made survival backpack that will offer you a wide variety of emergency equipment that will keep you prepared for the inevitable. Essential supplies are included in every survival backpack with food and water that will make you last for the first 72 hours. The survival supplies in the emergency backpack have 5-year shelf lives. The survival kit offered by companies selling per-made packs come with emergency shelter supplies like a survival blanket that would retain body heat by 90 percent, communications like radio, lighting, sanitation essentials and first aid kits. For more details visit:

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Survival Cooking Kit – Everyone Should Own One

volcano-cooking-kitWhat is a survival kit? It is simply a kit that contains necessary items to help you survive. Primarily food and water would be at the top of the list. You can survive five to six days without food, a flashlight or toilet paper, but try to survive without water. In a natural or man-made disaster, each of us has a somewhat different list of priority or essential items. Included in a woman’s list, you may find makeup in the top ten items.
There is a much different procedure when preparing for survival through a long term disaster such as a severe earthquake than simply evacuating during a flood or fire. A disaster, such as an earthquake or terrorist attack, may have wiped out communication, utilities, roads, bridges, hospitals, public services such as police and ambulances. In case of a local disaster that affects only a small area of your state, you would not necessarily need a survival kit, but rather a “personal kit” A personal kit (back pack) should not be so large that it is difficult for you to carry it and you may be tempted to discard it.

I would suggest that you not procrastinate any longer, if you have failed thus far to research survival information. For a case in point, how long do you need to boil water in order to kill all bacteria? (Answer: 10 minutes.) What are the symptoms for heat stroke, hypothermia, shock or dehydration and what is more, how would you treat these conditions? Knowledge of answers to questions like these could someday save a life, maybe your own. Knowledge gathering could be equally as important as food and water storage.

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Camping Survival Gear: Creating A Wildcrafting Survival

camping5Wild crafting is something that survival enthusiasts do. Simply put, wild crafting is the collection or gathering of plants that you did not personally plant. However, it is very important to be prepared with a wild crafting survival cooking toolkit as some plants can be dangerous when consumed.

Tools For Harvesting Your Survival Cooking Plants

There are some basic tools that every wild-crafter needs in their survival gear. First and foremost is a good survival gear bag to hold everything. Then you need a plant field guide that you can use for identifying plants. You also want to pack a survival knife or two. Your survival gear should also include a pot you can heat over a fire, a source of fire such as matches or a lighter, and a source of water. Many wild crafted herbs and plants can be boiled to create broths or soups that can sustain your nutritional needs while camping. In addition, you want to have some sort of container (plastic bags, vials, or waterproof boxes) to store the gathered plants in. If you have the need of grinding plants for medicinal purposes you can always pick up a set of stones from your surroundings to supplement your survival gear.

Choosing A Survival Knife And Other Cutting Tools

For survival cooking, a basic multi-tool kit like a Swiss Army Knife is a good idea. However, for true wild-crafting success you will also want to include additional survival knife options.

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